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September 1, 2015


Ten years ago
From today
A simple roll
In bed that day
Popped a disc
Out of its place
Brought on the pain
And then the race
To stop the pain
And heal this bod
To finally find
I’d been a fraud
I lived my happy
Little life
Free from nearly
Any strife
Until my neck
It just gave way
I learned I had
A price to pay
Long lost pain
Deep and dark
Came to me
Like a shark
Stealthily cruising
Through the sea
It took a bite
Right out of me
The pain, so sharp
It would not stop
Until I faced
The dreadful part
Of my life
That scared me so
The truth can be
So hard, you know
And here I am
Ten years gone by
With all the work I’ve done
I cry
The tears still come
They say let go
I try and try
But somehow, no
The pain, though less
It won’t give up
It still resides inside; no rest.

Ten years ago
From today
The journey started
Now I say
Oh please, oh please, oh please
Let go
I’ve done my time
Don’t you know
I’ve done the work
I’ve paid my dues
It’s time to end
This lengthy ruse
The power sits in me
I know
So come on baby
Let it go!


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